Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Owners

marketing-strategies-for-restaurant-ownersLet’s say you have a Restaurant in Sydney and you provide your customer with amazing Italian food, however nobody seems to know that you are out there. When you search on Google for the term Italian Restaurants you never appear, but you can see your competitor, how did they do it?Due to the evolution of technology, it is imperative that companies should take advantage of the online marketing strategies considering that most customers are always spending their time there. The same goes for restaurants because they can improve their customer-base through their online presence.

However, you should also know that there are still some people who prefer the old ways. In regards to that, you don’t have to exert a 100% effort into your online marketing but with traditional marketing as well. Keep it at a steady rate to ensure that you get the word out to both your online and offline customers.

With that, here are some marketing strategies that you can use to widen your restaurant’s customer base.

    • Have a functional website -As it was previously stated, customers love spending a majority of their time online. Because of that, they would usually browse the internet if ever they want to check out a business or in this case, a restaurant. With this trend, you must invest in hiring a web developer to create your restaurant’s website and get it out to the online world. But make sure that you have the website be properly arranged and organized to ensure that your customers won’t have a hard time browsing through it.
    • Engage in local SEO practices –  SEO is a strategy used by online marketers to bring their client’s website to a high rank in search engines. If a website gets ranked on top, then it’s a guarantee that users will click on it first. This is a great strategy if you plan on outranking your competitor’s website and even get customers enticed in eating at your restaurant. It is also important that whoever is handling your site’s SEO is also updated with the latest trends and strategies. Keep in mind that using SEO the right way will provide an enjoyable journey for your business.

  • Get a social media presence – Social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become a worldwide phenomenon for everyone who has access to the internet. Since a lot of people are hanging out here, you should also take advantage of it as well. You can create a page in which people can like, share, and follow. Hire someone who is also capable of coming up with posts that can entice customers in craving for your menu thus making them end up visiting your restaurant.
  • Run contests – To grow your fan base and reward your loyal customers, run a contest once in a while. This strategy must give out prizes, and through this, they have a reason to come back to your restaurant again.
  • Gather food bloggers – Having someone blog about your restaurant is also another way for customers to have a glance on the experience of actually eating there. Food blogs are famous for anyone who plans on discovering what a restaurant serves on their menu and what it tastes like. You can also reward your food blogger/s by providing them with a free meal for their work.